The American Fence Company of Lincoln Is The Place For Access Control Systems!

Looking to add some extra security to your place of business, or even your personal residence? Look no further! The American Fence Company of Lincoln is the place that can assist you in determining which access control system will suit you best! Whether you need an entire fence installed, or just a gate operator, ourContinue Reading

AFC Lincoln protects Plaza on the Green with Temporary Fence

As the year progresses right along, so does The American Fence Company of Lincoln with its plethora of projects! One in particular that has come to an end of our services is the Plaza on the Green project. Located at 8800 Firethorn Lane, overlooking the 9th hole of the West Nine on Firethorn, is theContinue Reading

Maintaining Temporary Fence Panels.

Keeping your belongings in like-new condition is just what everyone intends to do. Similar to a homeowner having the responsibility to maintain their property. This very same idea applies renting or borrowing items from entities. Temporary fence is no exception to this statute. It is a rental item from our company, and with that theContinue Reading

A Closer Look At Chain Link.

When thinking about chain link fence, it can be confusing when trying to determine what exactly you may need. Why is it so confusing? It all starts with becoming familiar with gage and coating type. Is it finished gage or core wire gage?  According to ASTM 668, vinyl coated chain link is specified and ordered byContinue Reading