Maintaining Temporary Fence Panels.

Keeping your belongings in like-new condition is just what everyone intends to do. Similar to a homeowner having the responsibility to maintain their property. This very same idea applies renting or borrowing items from entities. Temporary fence is no exception to this statute. It is a rental item from our company, and with that the responsibility lands on the individual that rents it. The following are some excellent pointers to assist in your maintenance.

  1. Keep the area of the install well-manicured. Making sure that the lawn and or weeds are kept from growing up into the chain link will prevent extra costs for customers for damaged materials. A few instances of customers that didn’t take the time to keep vegetation from intertwining into the wire resulted in damage beyond repair. Other than keeping the property visually appealing, this may also prevent theft by cutting down on areas that potential thieves may hide.
  2. Keep the fencing materials above grade. Removal of temporary fence once it has been buried results in the fabric needing to be replaced, as it does not bounce back to its original form. Grading contractors need to be aware of this issue, and avoid burying any of the temporary fence.
  3. Make sure that all materials that have been removed, or reconfigured are accounted for. Contractors are often removing temporary fence to gain access to different areas on jobsites, and should be keeping them on site, and secure if they aren’t installed. If temp fence panels are stolen while in your possession there will of course be extra charges. Companies that rent these panels, do keep record of quantity and location of install, and will bill for any materials not returned.
  4. Check temporary fence panels with stands daily. This style of fence is usually weighed down using sand bags or blocks to keep them upright. Wind will shift the panels, causing the sand bags or blocks to slide or fall off the stands. Over time and repeated used, sand bags also burst. It is very important to make this a daily routine as even a slight wind can cause the panels to topple over, resulting in damage to surround objects as well as an unsecure jobsite.

In summary, if you are to rent our temporary fence, you are responsible for it while it is in your possession. If you have any questions or are in need of temporary fence, please contact The American Fence Company today!

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