NEW! PalmSHIELD Cable Railing Systems!

PalmSHIELD has recently introduced their new, unique architectural cable design. The new system is by far a much cleaner and more appealing design in comparison to traditional cable railing. This new design is achieved by a single cable attached to the top of a panel, then woven back and forth through a sequence of spools that lead to a single tensioner at the bottom. It truly is an architectural marvel, and delivers a simple and polished look for applications requiring a cable railing.

For almost twenty years now, PalmSHIELD has been manufacturing cable railing systems. That being said, we know a thing or two about these systems! With our knowledge, we are aware that many of the simple cable rail systems fail over time due to the great deal of pressure being put on the cable. If you can, picture eleven cables that are all tensioned over several hundreds of pounds of pull, drawing on a single two inch post that is fastened to the top of a cedar board. If you have ever installed cable railing, you know exactly what this is going to lead to…a catastrophe! PalmSHIELD utilizes its fully framed panels that have their own cable system that does not depend on where the posts are installed.

Every system comes complete with cables already installed. Installation has never been simpler, as the posts and panels are predrilled. Installation of PalmSHIELDS typical deck railing takes only a day or two, and peace of mind, as our frames will not fail. In comparison, a traditional railing takes several days, as there are four or five independent cable runs that need to be installed.

These PalmSHIELD cable panels are intended to go together with handicap ramp rub rails and stair grab rails that are code compliant. When stair segments are made, they are done so that the stair landings are taken into consideration. A cable stabilizer bar is utilized in PalmSHIELDS panels to keep the cables true over long spans. These also come in to play where there are changes in slope.

If you are wanting a different type of railing system, that is easier on the eye and will hold up to the amount of pressure, PalmSHIELD cable railing system is what you are needing! Visit our website at for more information.

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