America’s Fence Store Is The Place To Go For Cantilever Gates!

America’s Fence Store is the place to go for any style of gate! Every gate that is made here, goes through rigorous testing before leaving the shop. Cantilever gates that are in excess of sixty-five feet, as well as having a mechanical splice are no exception. Although this is not an easy task, it is still a necessity to make sure that each gate is manufactured correctly. Our shop has a series of lifts and blocks designed to replicate exactly how the gate will be hung in the field once it has been installed. A lift is positioned at the nose of the gate in the beginning stages of testing. When ready, the lift gently lowers the nose of the gate until it is being completely supported by its own structure. Once this process is done, the gate is now being cantilevered.

Once cantilevered, the gate is checked to be sure it is level overall. The splice detail that is unique to America’s Fence Store is thoroughly checked for any separation that could possibly occur. During this shop testing, our fabrication and engineering personnel will identify even the slightest imperfection that could cause major malfunctions in how the gate operates.

Unique to our engineering is the splice. This is made of more that thirty-two ½” grade A bolts and almost sixteen ½” plates. The splice brings the two halves of the gate together and keeps them in place, even under the thousands of pounds of pressure. The other piece to the puzzle that makes this system work, is the 5/16” cable used for trussing. This keeps the gate from bouncing or flexing when it is fully cantilevered.

Each of the thousands of gates built every year at America’s Fence Store undergo rigorous testing before leaving the shop. They are all engineered with our tried and true design concepts and materials, which make every gate a success!



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