The Solution To Achieving Privacy From An Existing Chain Link Fence!

If you have an existing chain link fence, and are wanting more privacy as well as wind blockage, then we have the perfect solution for you. Installing windscreen or slats are just what you would need to achieve either of these results. These options can be advantageous in several different settings from residential installation to major baseball stadiums’ fencing.

As with most products, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. Slats and windscreen are no exception to this rule. Slats advantages are as follows; they are available in several different colors, and can be installed in alternating patterns. Slats are made of plastic, metal or wood, and are installed in the weave of the chain link fence. The installation process does take longer to perform, and therefore these are a more permanent fixture. Slats are usually more expensive and are not as customizable as windscreens.

Windscreens are made of a mesh fabric that are attached to chain link fences. These are available in a wide array of thicknesses that can be anywhere from semi-transparent to opaque, to give you the exact amount of privacy that one desires. Windscreens are ideally installed in sporting enclosures and stadiums. The reason they are so popular in such environments, is the wide variety of colors that are available, as well as the special order option that can include pictures, text or logos.

A disadvantage to windscreens is that they are a more temporary application. Even though they are easier to install than slats are, windscreens do not perform as well over long periods of time.

Overall slats and windscreen are great options depending on the application that one is using them for. The deciding factor is how permanent the installation is going to be, and what specific qualities one is looking for. Slats are more appealing to the eye and are more of a permanent fixture, although the installation process is time consuming. Windscreens are more customizable and easier to install, but are more of temporary fixture.

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