PalmSHIELD Has Done It Again!


PalmSHIELD has done it again! PalmSHIELD louvers has been selected by the City of Los Angeles’ Water and Power department for their mechanical equipment enclosure! This is yet another great step in the growth of our louvered enclosures, as the City of Los Angeles has a very strict set of requirements in regards to such enclosures. Louvered equipment enclosures must meet the 31 pounds per square foot of pressure test.


In conjunction with such strict requirements, are that of the fabrication needed to adapt to site conditions. Adding to the building of this enclosure, each of the 6” X 6” gate posts had to have special fabrication on the plates due to the loading requirements and limited wall width. We also took a lot of consideration while looking into the anchors that we were going to use. The first factor is that of the cone effect of both vertical and horizontally placed wedge or pressure anchors that the PalmSHIELD in-house engineering considered. They had to be sure that the cone effect of the anchors didn’t overlap each other. Lastly was needed to be sure that all the anchors weren’t too close to the edge of the concrete therefore causing a sprawl effect.



 Below are a couple of pictures of the new enclosure in Los Angeles. You can see from said pictures that the install and fabrication were on point! The panels match up flawlessly to the adjoining system. Please visit our website at for more details on these incredible louvers!  

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