Aluminum Swing Gates May Be The Perfect Fit For Your Property!

Have you been debating the idea of installing an aluminum swing gate for the driveway to your property, but just aren’t quite sure if it will be the best choice? Well you are in luck, as we at American Fence are perfectly equipped to help you with all your fencing and gate needs! We can certainly assist you with your decision as well as recommend which gate will be best for your application.

If you are looking for a gate that is easy to use, and is lightweight with corrosion resilient properties, then the gate for you is an aluminum swing gate. These make great estate gates as they are low maintenance.

Swing gates definitely have several advantages that make them the most popular drive gate. They are designed to be easily opened with only one arm, which is why aluminum is the perfect choice to construct them. The following are more of the advantages of aluminum swing gates:

  • Effortless movement
  • Naturally corrosion resistant
  • Affordable price point
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Less maintenance that sliding gates

If an aluminum swing gate is the right fit for you, there are a few things to consider. Using swing gates, they will need to be installed so that they open toward the inside of your property, not toward the street. This simple step will alleviate cars from having to possibly back up into the street to avoid being struck by the gate if they should close. Another important factor to consider is that the location of your gate install is mostly level. These gates cannot open up an incline, so be sure that the gate will open downhill.

America’s Gate Company is a custom gate manufacturer that can assist you in creating the best gate for your needs! Aluminum swing gates can be finished in different ways. There is a mill finish aluminum or a color coated with a polyester powder. The powder coated option is completed by all of the accessories as well as the gate be sand blasted or chemically treated to ensure that the coating adheres properly to the surface. Visit American Fence Company of Lincoln’s website today to get ideas on creating your perfect gate!

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