CR30 Top Rail Has Several Benefits!

If you are looking to build an industrial strength chain link fence, our 1-5/8” X 21’ CR30 top rail is exactly what you are looking for! Our CR30 is specifically designed and engineered to be strong while remaining lightweight.

CR30 top rail that we stock here at American Fence Company surpasses the performance of Schedule 40 pipe by being more rigid, lightweight, and cost effective. Reason being that they are cold rolled, which increases solidity as well as strength in comparison to that of the hot-dipped galvanized pipe. Yet another way CR30 is superior to Schedule 40 is in bending, tensile and cantilever load.

The CR30 top rail comes with a no-mar black powder coat finish that is resilient to scratches, extremely durable and also resists dents when comparing it to vinyl coating. The powder coat process also surpasses the vinyl process in UV tests, which guarantees that the color will remain the same for a longer period of time.

Below are a few more benefits;

  • Cold rolled quality gives further control over mold and shape
  • Meets ASTM 1043 Group 1C requirements
  • Approved for the department of transportation usage
  • Superb alternative to Schedule 40
  • Clear coat and galvanized surpasses the hot dipped galvanizing in a 1000 salt spray test
  • Robust and resistant to marring and blemishes

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