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Over-Scalloped Estate Gates; The Perfect Statement Piece For Your Drive-Way!

  Estate gates in the over-scalloped style are the perfect amount of elegance and security.  The term over-scallop refers to the gradual upsweeping arch at the top of the gate. These substantial gates are made of durable ornamental iron, and are situated at the end of your drive way to secu[read more]

Western Red Cedar 5″ pickets now available at American Fence Company!

There are several different types of wooden fence materials to choose from nowadays. By far one of the best choices is the western red cedar. From being insect and deterioration resilient, to its vivacious red color, there are many characteristics that set it apart from other wood fence materials. [read more]

Ornamental Iron is indeed the superior choice in fencing!

Fencing creates a sense of security in that it keeps in who or what you want to, and keeps others that aren’t welcome out. These days fencing isn’t used only for boundaries and privacy, it’s also used to dress up and give your property a bit of your personality. Using higher end fencing can al[read more]

A Breakdown of Child-Proof Pool Latches

Keeping children safe while having fun is always everyone’s biggest concern. This of course remains true when dealing with children and pools. A sad fact is that pools are the number two cause of deaths in children under five! Residential and other locations where pools aren’t watched as closely[read more]

With several types of wood species available, it makes it hard for just anyone to know which would be the best for their fencing project. While thinking of building a fence from the ground up, let’s take a look at a few of the more common types of wood posts available today. Incense cedar. [read more]

Although it is the end of September, there is still good reason to practice safety around pools, spas and hot tubs. Recently there was an article involving a child that had injuries associated with drowning after he had managed to get under the cover of a pool. The odd part about this story is that[read more]

A further look into school fencing and gate issues.

Use and care of gates seems to be the predominant concern when dealing with school fencing. From the past two blogs regarding school fencing, this has been the most discussed theme that parents as well as school staff have commented on. The following are the most pertinent of the worries from archit[read more]

PalmSHIELD. The engineered louvered system manufacturer!

PalmSHIELD is set apart from other louvered screen manufacturers in the fact that we actually engineer our systems. There are several factors that are considered when every project is being manufactured. The following are what we consider when beginning the first step of projects. Location of[read more]